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Ojay's South Limited is a growing venture that serves the interest of stakeholders, communities and the people concerned. 


We accept that humans are our greatest asset. Thus we invest in attracting, preserving and growing the human rights capital in all our businesses.


We believe that technology is the key to driving innovation and business sustainability. Consequently, we integrate technology that drives changes throughout all our businesses.


We are conscious of the impact our actions create in our world today. We are committed to keeping our world safe. We work hand in hand with our management team to align our business practice with the Sustainable Development Goals.

adding value through experience, expertise and relationships

About us

The Ojay's South Group

We are committed to providing an all inclusive services in maritime, construction, real estate, hospitality, logistics, procurement, and civil works.

Ojays South Group is supported by strategic local and foreign partners to bring the latest and best technologies to our customers. We have the responsibility to ensure that our customers are benefiting from the most appropriate tools and technologies available in the market to ensure a job well done.

We are the best

As a team of entities operating with the efficiencies of one powerful company, Ojays South Group focuses on building capacity to generate employment, reduce capital flight and increase local value addition.